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Clothing & Protection.

Play. Learn. Grow.

Whilst there is no formal uniform at West Dean Pre-school, we do encourage you to purchase sweatshirts and t-shirts with the pre-school logo.  As well as making your child feel part of a group, they protect ‘home’ clothing from messy activities at pre-school.  These can be obtained from Kerry or member of staff at any time.  Please provide named coat and wellingtons in the winter and sunhat in the summer.

Parents are reminded to apply sunscreen to their children before arriving at the Pre-school and provide suncream for your child so it can be re-applied during the day by staff.

We discourage the wearing of jewellery to Pre-school for safety reasons.  If your child has pierced ears then studs may be worn if they cannot be removed: however should be covered. Footwear suitable for running and climbing is essential; children are particularly discouraged from wearing backless, ‘flip-flop’ type shoes.