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It is our intention that the Pre-School should be genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community (the area within a 5 mile radius of the Pre-School).

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If you would like your child to join the Waiting List, please ring the Pre-School to organise a visit.  If you then decide to place your child on our Waiting List, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £20 to cover our administration, and complete a Waiting List Form for our records.  You will be contacted one term prior to your child’s anticipated start date by the Supervisor, who will write to confirm which sessions have been allocated.

Times Available Fee Charges 2 yr olds Fee Charges 3&4 yr olds
Early Bird 8 am to 9 am £5.20 £5.20
Early drop-off 8.30 am to 9 am £2.75 £2.75
Morning Session* 9am to 12 pm £13.50 £13.50
Lunch Club 12.30pm to 1pm £3.75 £3.75
 Afternoon Session* 1pm to 2.30pm £8.50 £8.50

*If your child qualifies for Free Entitlement (this is available the term after their 3rd Birthday), this session will be free up to a maximum of 15 hours a week.  The Free Entitlement can only be used for the morning and/or afternoon sessions.

Payment of Fees

Invoices are prepared on a monthly basis around the 14th / 15th of each month, excluding September, January and April, when invoices will be prepared and issued 3 weeks into the month following Headcount Day, set by West Sussex County Council. Every parent will receive an invoice either by email or on paper (if requested).  Our preferred method of fee payment is via online banking directly into our bank account on or before the last working day of that month. We also accept childcare vouchers, cheque or cash as payment. Please email for more information.

It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure that our Sort Code and Account number are entered correctly on their own online banking system.  The Pre-School cannot be held liable if a parent mistypes either the Sort Code or Account number which could lead to a payment being made to another account.

Late payment fee of £2.00 per week is charged on accounts that are more than two weeks overdue.

Please be advised that parents/carers are required to give half a term’s written notice or six weeks fees, in lieu of notice, if you decide to withdraw your child from Pre-School. This condition only comes into effect after your child has attended for three weeks and has had a chance to settle in.

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